This one comes by request!  Hopefully the weather holds up all day.

Big Tire

That’s a huge tire at Bingham Canyon Copper Mine.


Tech: -5-5-3-3-3 push jerk

‘Tire Flip Kalsu’
-100 tire flips
+5 burpees every minute on the minute

This coming Friday is Good Friday.  As mentioned previously the gym will be on holiday hours for some of those days.  Stay tuned and check our Facebook group to find out the weekend schedule.

And don’t overdo it on the Easter chocolate!

Not too much now!

Not too much now!


Tech: -8-8-6-6-4-4 front squat

8 min. AMRAP of:
-3 hang cleans (95/65 lbs)
-3 ring dips
+go up by 3 reps each round

It’s getting sunnier, warmer, and there’s less rain!  As I’ve been mentioning since last week, I want everyone to make sure they’re bringing appropriate footwear for outside.  We’re definitely going to be getting out there soon.

And repeatedly!


Let’s hope for sunny weather!


Tech: Lifter’s Choice

-50 double unders
21-15-9 of:
-squat clean (135/95 lbs)
-50 double unders

Please don’t forget that tomorrow’s class will be at a different time due the guest speaker coming to the gym at noon.  It’s going to be a great weekend!

The Team Checkmat logo

The Team Checkmat logo


Tech: -8-8-6-6-3-3 overhead squat

-5 snatch (95/65 lbs) every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

Rest 2 minutes.  Then:

5 min. AMRAP of:
-4 kettlebell swings
-4 kettlebell goblet squats
-4 kettlebell clean and press

We need to get into the work quickly today.  We’re going to be doing either the CrossFit or powerlifting total.  Given that we will have only the one hour class to warmup and then complete three lifts as heavy as possible we need to ensure that we’re fully warm and choosing appropriate numbers for our attempts.

At powerlifting competitions you have three attempts at each of the lifts to get the heaviest weight possible.  However you’re allowed to warmup as much (or as little) as you’d like backstage.  That being said you need to use your time judiciously and at the same time make sure that you’re building the weight intelligently.  You will have three attempts for each lift – but you will be allowed to warmup and test weight before (and between if you’d like) attempts.  I would recommend choosing your weights before starting.  At powerlifting competitions, after completing a lift you have one minute to submit your next attempt weight.  We won’t be adhering to that rule.

So please make sure you have a plan before starting and keep in mind that we have only the hour class to complete all three lifts.  We are going to be really strict on the rules today – primarily on the squat depth.  Love that barbell!


Love that barbell!


Tech: Warmup for workout

‘CrossFit total’
Sum of the best of three attempts at the following lifts:
-push press


‘Powerlifting total’
Sum of the best of three attempts at the following lifts:
-bench press

I don’t know what power abs would be if that term actually existed outside the world of fitness magazines.  I do know that working on the L-sit is a sure fire way to develop strength and control through your abs (including your hips).  Once you can lock out with straight legs and hold an L-sit at parallel or above for a minute or more every other form of ab work will seem easy.


L-sits are difficult but well worth the effort


Tech: L-sit progressions and kipping toes-to-bar

3 rounds of:
-2 rope climbs
-10 deadlifts (225/155 lbs)
-20 v-sit-ups

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