Lots of jumping today!  Jumping is a very natural motion.  Kids are jumping all over the place – we frequently have to ask them to stop.  It’s a movement you find in most sports – some more than others.  Being able to jump well, and far or high, is considered a favourable attribute.

Perhaps this is because jumping is a very powerful movement – it’s the olympic lift of bodyweight exercises.  Jumping properly and accurately requires coordination.  Landing requires balance.  These are physical attributes we want to develop – no matter what your sport, level of activity, or overall athletic and health goals.

So don’t just go through the motions.  Strive to do your best.  Treat the exercises today more like you would a barbell lift.  Be aggressive and push yourself!

I thought this picture would go well with the above message.  Plus, who jumps like that?

I thought this picture would go well with the above message. Plus, who jumps like that?


-5 x 8 reps box jump (increase height each set)
-5 x 5 double jump (broad jump as far out as possible and immediately upon landing jump as high as possible)

20 min. EMOM of:
-5 snatch balance (95/65 lbs), even minutes
-10 jump squats, odd minutes

It’s that day!  Today we’re building to a one rep max on the bench press.  I hope you’re all coming in rested and mentally focused.

Like this.

Like this.

Please remember that despite what others might tell you, the bench press is a a full body lift.  Granted it is primarily focused in the upper body.  But if you want to succeed at the heavier weights and achieve new PRs, you have to use your whole body.  I’ll be talking a great deal about the setup and drive before we get into lifting today.  Show up on time for that, it’ll help you get heavier than you have in the past.


-4-4-2-2-1-1-1 bench press

3 rounds of:
-50 double unders
-15 thrusters (95/65 lbs)
-20 toes-to-bar

People are always asking me about ab workouts…  I’m not sure why.  If you want to develop a six pack on your stomach you’re better off getting a hilarious tattoo or focusing on nutrition.  Changing what you eat will certainly cost less than the hours of ink and subsequent laser removal – but it does require effort.

Nice.  It must be great finding ways and reasons to show that off.

Nice. It must be great finding ways and reasons to show that off.

But for those of us that want to genuinely strengthen the midsection, let’s do front squats!  When you hear the cue ‘elbows up’, it means raise your elbows thereby keeping the bar on your chest and over your centre of gravity.  But that isn’t done with your shoulders.  It’s your abs.  On heavy front squats you’ll really feel the pull in your upper abdominal area.

And if that isn’t enough… Turkish sit-ups.


-6-6-4-4-4-2 front squats
-10-10-8-8-8 Turkish sit-ups

25-19-11 of:
-push press (105/75 lbs)
-plate squat

Snatch and overhead squats may seem to go hand in hand.  But in my opinion, if you want to become more comfortable with the landing position during the snatch, it’s very important to spend some time doing the snatch balance.

Having said that, overhead squats will certainly improve your overall core strength in a manner that should help the snatch.  Tight, tight, tight!  As you will often hear people yelling during both of these lifts.

So today, if you’d like to substitute the snatch balance for the overhead squats, by all means feel free to do so.  But don’t neglect the overhead squats – they need to be done some time.

Overhead squats or snatch balance?

Overhead squats or snatch balance?


-5-5-5-3-3-3 snatch
-6-6-4-4-4 overhead squats

-50 pull-ups
-50 kettlebell push-ups
-50 kettlebell swings
-50 burpees
-50 goblet squats
-50 side lunges

Well it’s been a long time since Halloween has actually been on a weekend – a Friday no less!  So I’m expecting many of us to be feeling the Halloween haze.  If you can manage to tear yourself away from thoughts of candy, costumes, and calamity, come work out.  You’ll feel better.

If you carve a pumpkin, make sure you save it and use it afterwards.  Just scrape out any melted wax.

If you carve a pumpkin, make sure you save it and use it afterwards. Just scrape out any melted wax.


Tech: Lifter’s Choice

5 rounds of:
-4 _________ (135/95 lbs)
-6 _________ (135/95 lbs)
-8 _________ (135/95 lbs)
-12 _________ (135/95 lbs)
+fill in the blanks in the manner you’d prefer using the following lifts: deadlift, clean, front squat, push press

Last week I made a point of saying that the days we can be outside running are beginning to be few and far between.  I also stated that because of this we should expect a workout with a longer run component this week.  Murph!

In case you haven’t noticed, I only program in Murph about twice a year.  There are many other ways to workout that would be somewhat similar.  However it’s nice having wods that we can come back to and see how we’ve improved.  Or how we stack up against others.  That being said, we did this workout in July this year – so go back and check your previous scores.  Given the increasingly inclement weather this may be the last time we see Murph this year.

Do to the longer nature of this workout, we won’t likely have enough time to do all of the lifts programmed unless we’re very judicious (fast) with our time.

Running Poster

I know this is how many of us view running.  Love your weaknesses!  Embrace the desire to improve and the challenge that lies therein.


-4-4-4-4-4-4 push press
-5 X 8-12 reps of ring flies

-1.6 km run
-100 pull-ups
-200 push-ups
-300 squats
-1.6 km run


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