Jefferson Lift

Instead of deadlifts this week, we’ll be doing the Jefferson lift.  Below is a quick demonstration from T-Nation.

You can also change your orientation in relation to the bar, rotating ninety degrees to face the weights.

Knowing this lift along with the one-handed deadlift and hack squat will really help increase your overall deadlift.  And being able to pick heavy stuff up off the ground is always a good thing.

The main advantage in doing this lift is that the weight is carried directly below your centre of gravity.  This puts the movement slightly more into your quads – though not to the same degree as a hack squat.  It’s very much akin to using a trap bar, which is easier on the lower back.  Keeping this in mind it is important to remember that it’s very unlikely to someday need to pick an object off the ground while straddling it.  Which is why a standard deadlift will always be essential for building strength that is applicable to everyday life and our other lifts.  I mean you could try doing a clean from the Jefferson lift setup… but I wouldn’t recommend it.


-5-5-3-3-3-3 Jefferson lift
-5 x max. hold L-sit

3 rounds of:
-1 min double unders
-1 min push press (75/55)
-1 min rest

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