Matthew Trudeau, Founder

Matt is the creator and founder of TruFit BC. He is an avid athlete and mixed martial artist. Years spent traveling forced Matt to adapt his strength and conditioning training to the bare essentials, forgoing the a standard fitness gym, with all the crazy machines and excessively bad music,  for a series of constantly changing, intense workouts that he could do with only a pullup bar, a barbell, and a squat rack.

In early 2015, Matt decided to relocate to Toronto, Ontario to persue his interests.  Three of his former students (Kyle, Rumesh, and Wilhelm), feeling inspired by Matt’s approach to strength and conditioning, and wanting to keep the TruFit group together, have taken on the instructing at TruFit BC.

TruFit KyleKyle Hukezalie, Instructor

In a bid to get out of a stagnant routine at ‘big box’ gyms, Kyle started training with Matt in January 2012.  He found Matt’s strength and conditioning program intense and at times unforgiving, but witnessed immediate results.  Training under Matt influenced Kyle’s entire outlook on lifestyle and what it means to be physically fit.

Kyle has been involved in athletics his entire life, with a primary focus on hockey and track and field. Since training with Matt, he has become proficient in teaching  olympic and power lifting, and is especially talented with gymnastics elements. He firmly believes that lifestyle choices are critical to overall physical fitness.

Kyle earned a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from Western University and holds a Master of Science degree in Genetics from the Univeristy of British Columbia.  His knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and cell biology and his experience in sports and lifting combine to make him an effective instructor.